Construction & Commissioning

Construction and Commissioning is a mission-critical stage for any engineering project. This demands technical excellence as well as operational expertise. KEPL leverages its two decades of experience and acumen to offer comprehensive tactical and practical inputs to make this a success.

Construction and Commissioning Services

After our team has been mobilized on site, we begin with the erection and installation work, as per front and material availability. The following are the stages of execution

Planning/ Scheduling

We make detailed plans for every project, before we begin the execution. These are then sent to the client for approval, before we begin with the work.

Material Management

After the plans are approved by the client, we move on to procuring the material required for the project. Our procurement and purchase team takes care of this.

Efficient Deployment of Skilled/Unskilled Services

Both skilled and unskilled services are usually necessary for the completion of the project. Over the years, we have become increasingly efficient in deploying these services.

Subcontractor Management

We usually employ a subcontractor to oversee the efforts of the unskilled labourers. These subcontractors also work as per the front and material availability.

Adherence to QA/QC

Quality and reliability is the hallmark of KEPL. We conduct regular quality control audits, as per both the government's and the client's quality policy. This allows us to assure the quality of our services at all stages.

Safety Control

Safety is another aspect that we simply do not compromise on. We have certified Safety Engineers and Officers on site, to ensure the safe implementation of all processes.

Testing and Commissioning

We ensure that all equipment is properly installed as per layouts, specifications, and drawings. Before commissioning and the final handover, all the equipment is tested for performance, output, and reliability.

Project Handover

This is the last stage of execution, where we handover the completed project and its documents to the client, after ensuring that all the safety checkpoints have been complied with.