Engineering Design

Engineering Designs, Drawings and blueprints are the building blocks for all types of EPC projects. It is a crucial stage where project requirements are turned into real-life instructions.

At KEPL, we have the experience, technical skill, know-how, and tools to create large-scale and detailed designs and drawings for mission-critical projects. By following a highly-successful and proven method, we have executed highly complex designs and drawings for national and international projects.

Engineering Design Services

Key Steps We Follow

  • Review of Basic Engineering Package
    First, we review and understand the client's technical requirements and specifications for the final product. We then collate the details and specifications.
  • Preparation / Review of Design
    Once the details are confirmed, we design the layout drawings / blueprints and prepare cable schedules and other critical documents. Our design capabilities and accuracy are greatly enhanced by the use of globally recognized and compatible software like:
    • AutoCAD :Software for 2D and 3D Computer Aided Designing
    • Microsoft Projects : Project Management Software Product
    • ETAP : Electrical Power System Analysis Software
    • Cg Lux : Lighting Design Software
    • DIALux : For Professional Lighting Design
    • SIMARIS :Electrical Design Software
    • Ecodial :Software for Electrical Installation Calculation and Sizing

    Once the design has been completed, it is sent to the client for approval.

  • Basic / Detailed Engineering
    Once we get a go-ahead from the client, we begin with the basic/detailed engineering, as per the demands of the project. This includes the Electrical, Instrumentation and Automation Engineering aspects of the project.
  • Generation of Material Take Off
    The next step is to generate the material take off required for the project. We do so by creating a comprehensive list of the materials needed for the project, along with details of quantity and type, while our procurement team ensures its quality.
  • Adherence to Regulatory Requirements
    Lastly, we ensure that we have adhered strictly to all the legalities and regulatory requirements while executing the project.