Managing Director

Welcome to Konstelec.

It was back in 1995 that we started as a humble Design Engineering company. Over the years, a lot has changed - the technologies, the systems, the processes, and the benchmarks. Yet, what remains unchanged, unchallenged, and unhindered is our commitment to build.

To build a world-class business, a strong team, competitive services, and excellence - in everything we do. Above all, we have not changed our focus on building and nurturing relationships - with our people, our clients, and our environment.

We believe that when we have a 'client-first' attitude, we are automatically led towards the best long-term decisions. I believe that our success is because of our relentless effort to maintain a high standard of both performance and quality in all the services we provide.

In the near future, we shall continue to expand - our services and our reach. Along with the Indian operations, we wish to make deeper forays into the Middle East and North Africa region, because we believe that we have the right set of services and offerings to meet the requirements across these value-driven markets.