For any process, across manufacturing electrical instrumentation, or construction, the final output is only as good as the components and raw materials used to build it. At KEPL, we understand how critical it is to ensure that the inputs for any project meet the stringent specification guidelines outlined during the design stage.

KEPL has a team of qualified professionals handling the procurement activities which is controlled by Head Office.

It is equally important to ensure that the quality, quantity, and performance parameters are sustained over time. Here are the steps we follow for procurement for EPC projects

Vendor Evaluation

Once we have the list of capital items required for a project, the first step is vendor identification and evaluation. Over the years, we have developed strong ties and associations with highly resourceful and reliable suppliers across product categories.


When we have shortlisted the best suppliers, the next step is to float a tender. We monitor every step of the process, to ensure strict adherence to the qualification and performance guidelines to ensure that our clients get the best value, reliability, and commitmentat all times.

Techno-Commercial Bid Analysis

Once the bidshave been received, we analyse the feasibility and test them same across various techno-commercial parameters and benchmarks. Through discussions, analysis, and visits (if required), we examine and evaluate the suitability of each bidder.

Release of Purchase Order

After a thorough analysis, assurance, and undertaking from the shortlisted vendor, we release a purchase order. We ensure that sufficient documentation and contracts are in place to safeguard the client's interests in terms of quality, cost, and performance.

Vendor Drawings Approval

After the release of a purchase order, we obtain vendor Drawings and Data Specifications for the materials to be procured. These are reviewed and referenced for technical accuracy, and then forwarded to the client for approval. Once approved, the order is confirmed.


Once the goods/services are procured, we conduct a thorough inspection of every incoming item and create an inspection report. This is sent to the client for review, before any of the items are delivered. This is to ensure that the quality standards for each item have been met as per project specifications.


This is the last step of procurement. Once we are assured of the quality and quantity of the items, we expedite them to the vendor.