Engineering Design

As a leading provider of engineering design services, we specialize in translating concepts into reality. Our expert team combines creativity with technical expertise to deliver tailored solutions that meet and exceed the unique needs of our clients. At Konstelec, we are committed to turning visions into well-engineered designs, ensuring the success and efficiency of your projects. Explore the possibilities with us, where every design is a masterpiece of innovation.

The key steps of designing

Compilation of client needs

In the initial phase, we meticulously analyze the client's technical needs and specifications to gain a thorough understanding of the final product requirements. Subsequently, we compile and organize the gathered details.

Basic implementation

Upon receiving approval from the client, we proceed with the basic and detailed engineering phases, addressing Electrical, Instrumentation, and Automation Engineering aspects tailored to the project's demands.

Acquiring materials

The subsequent step involves the meticulous generation of a Material Take Off, wherein we create a comprehensive list detailing the required materials, their quantities, and types. Our procurement team ensures the quality of the materials.

Adherence to regulatory requirements

In the final phase, we rigorously ensure compliance with all legal and regulatory requirements, ensuring a seamless execution of the project.

Design preparation and preview

Moving on to the design phase, once the specifications are confirmed, we employ globally recognized and compatible software to craft layout drawings, blueprints, and critical documents such as cable schedules. Our design process is characterized by precision and proficiency.

  • AutoCAD : Software for 2D and 3D Computer Aided Designing
  • Microsoft Projects : Project Management Software Product
  • ETAP : Electrical Power System Analysis Software
  • Cg Lux : Lighting Design Software
  • DIALux : For Professional Lighting Design
  • SIMARIS : Electrical Design Software
  • Ecodial : Software for Electrical Installation Calculation and Sizing

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