Our dedicated team ensures seamless procurement processes, optimizing cost-efficiency and quality. From vendor selection to contract negotiation, we're here to streamline your procurement journey. Experience the ease and reliability of procurement with us, where excellence is our standard.

The key steps followed for procurement in EPC projects

Vendor Evaluation
  • Identify potential vendors based on project requirements and specifications.
  • Evaluate vendor capabilities, experience, and reputation in the industry.

Over the years, we have developed strong ties and associations with highly resourceful and reliable suppliers across product categories.

Techno-Commercial Bid Analysis:
  • Analyze bids received from vendors, considering both techno-commercial parameters and benchmarks.
  • Evaluate cost-effectiveness, adherence to project requirements, and any proposed value-added services.

Through discussions, we analyse, examine and evaluate the suitability of each bidder to conclude.

  • Conduct inspections of received materials and equipment to ensure compliance with specifications.
  • Address any non-compliance issues with the vendor and implement corrective actions as necessary.

Before the delivery, we ensure that the quality standards for each item have been met as per project specifications.

  • Prepare and issue tender documents outlining project requirements.
  • Evaluate bids received from potential vendors and initiate the techno-commercial bid analysis process.

Our clients get the best value, reliability, and commitment at all times.

Release of Purchase Order:
  • Issue a purchase order to the selected vendor based on the results of the bid analysis and negotiation.
  • Include all relevant terms, conditions, and delivery schedules in the purchase order.

Through sufficient documentation and contracts, we safeguard the client's interests in terms of quality, cost, and performance.

  • Monitor and expedite the procurement process to ensure timely delivery of materials and equipment.
  • Regularly communicate with vendors to track progress and address any potential delays.

In the final step of the procurement process, expediting becomes paramount. From here on we promise the smooth and efficient flow of the procurement process.

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